International Ties: How 1 Essential Mould Prevented A Vacation Nightmare Abroad

I wanted to share another true story with you that will highlight the benefit of dental disaster prevention. Dental disasters almost always strike when people are on vacation. They’ve planned an entire vacation down to the T but never do people plan on having dental emergencies.

We received a desperate phone call recently from one of our participating doctors. His patient was enjoying a vacation abroad when disaster struck: the denture broke.  As you can imagine, the element of being out of the country provided even more agony on top of an already stressful situation for this patient.

A call was made to the doctor who in turn called us for help. Luckily for this patient and doctor they had decided to use the Altadonics mould technique, the only method in the world that can capture and store an exact 3-D blue print of the comfortable denture for life.

A huge sigh of relief was felt from both doctor and patient. We reassured them that since we had the 3-D mould prior to the trip, we would be able to create and ship the comfortable denture quickly with ease. The patient was relieved that through this simple and preventative act, all was not lost and they would be able to enjoy the rest of their vacation abroad.

From a doctor’s standpoint, there is nothing worse than not being able to provide care to your patient in situations like these.  By using Altadonics, this doctor was able to provide the necessary care to this patient in an otherwise helpless situation with a simple phone call.

We have heard similar stories countless times from doctors. This story illustrates what sets us apart from other methods of denture fabrication. By developing our specialized 3-D mould technique and storing these moulds, doctors are able to provide comfort in more ways than just the fit; they provide their patients with the comfort of knowing they’ll never be without their denture, even when enjoying a vacation abroad. We are so pleased to have been able to help a patient and doctor in preventing a dental disaster.

Great feeling!