About Altadonics

Altadonics Denture Services provides doctors 21st Century denture technology to enhance and protect proprioceptive data in 3-D mould form, that can be archived forever without distortion. It also provides patients with life-time security and protection from losing their smile.

The process of making dentures was developed in the 1870’s and many dentists continue to use this method which is unpredictable, unprecise and rarely meets the patient’s true comfort level. We have changed a paradigm in dentistry… breaking out of this archaic “stone age” technique and bringing denture 21st Century denture technology to the entire spectrum of denture wearing patients and their doctors.

Our patented mould technique captures the unique details embedded in every denture. The precision and detail our mould can capture, maintain and recreate is impeccable: ex: When we made a mould of a quarter using our patented process, it recorded the slightest scratch and recreated it every time, never distorting.

We are the only company in the world that can archive a non-distoring 3-D mould and use this to make a new denture with the comfort of the original multiple times. Altadonics strives to train and provide our doctors with the necessary tools to best serve there denture wearing patients, giving them a Smile for Life.




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